What is Pilates?

Pilates, to me, is an amazing workout that does wonders to our bodies. Developed by Joseph Pilates, who was an accomplished gymnast, diver, and performer, to help condition, strengthen, and rehabilitate the body using a specialized apparatus.

The Pilates movement in Los Angeles is growing and now a widely practiced form of exercise and therapy. Classical Pilates is my personal choice of method to improve and increase the body’s strength and flexibility. Pilates is the perfect workout to help men and women recover from back pain and sports-related injuries. Pilates can stop reduce stress, prevent injury, and improve endurance. I am happy to share the benefits of Pilates to clients who seek to revitalize their minds and bodies.

6 Pilates Principles



Strengthening the core muscles from the bottom of the ribs to the hip line.



This is the holistic restoration of physical vitality and renewal of the mind.



Helping the mind and body work together by focused concentration.



Pilates is about efficiency of workout. Each movement and technique must be followed for best results.


Flow of Movement

Achieve improved overall health as the presence of flow links each movement together.


Dynamic Rhythm

Body movement exercises that follow the rhythm of breath and heartbeat.


Something About Me

My name is Hila, and I have a boutique reformer studio located in Sherman Oaks in San Fernando Valley. I started teaching Pilates after experiencing first-hand how it has helped rehabilitate and strengthen both my body and mind. After giving birth to two beautiful girls, I consistently suffered from lower back pain. But Pilates changed my life! Now, I feel stronger and happier living my life free of back pains and enjoying quality time with my family.

I want to share this journey of physical rejuvenation to everyone regardless of ability.

It’s time we all get stronger, physically and mentally. I’m here to help.

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